Writing with
your words
has never
been easier

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Express your personality
word by word

Zimpl is a keyboard for your iPhone or Android™ phone that learns from you, adapts to you and becomes an extension of you. Zimpl makes it easier to write and lets you express yourself with your own words.

Write words
not characters

Zimpl helps you complete the word you’re currently writing and even predicts what you’re going to write next. Most of the time you only have to write a letter or two to get the right word.

who you are

For each word you type with Zimpl it becomes smarter and learns about who you are and how you express yourself. The suggested words will adapt and change over time, reflecting your writing style.

Writing becomes
a motion

Zimpl’s Hold’n’Slide interaction is a revolutionary simple way to write; designed for word by word writing in a fluent motion instead of the conventional tapping character by character.


Zimpl is all about making it as easy as possible for you to write what you want, when you want and how you want. To help you on your way there are a number of tricks up Zimpl’s sleeve to make your writing experience as seamless as possible. Here are a few...

  • Gesture based Quick Actions
    Press and hold on a key to get access to predicted words and other functions. Simply swipe your finger up, down, left or right to move the selection and lift your finger to select. All in one motion.
  • Word Completion
    Helps you complete the word you’re currently writing and adapts to your language and tone.
  • Next Word Prediction
    Predicts the next word based on your writing; current and previous.
  • Common Words
    Each letter has a set of words, beginning with the letter, associated with it. The words are always in the same place which makes them easy for you to remember and you’ll know them by heart in no time.
  • Magic Shift
    Automatically changes capitalization as you write as well as lets you go back and change characters or entire words’ capitalization.
  • Auto Space
    Spaces are automatically added when needed and removed when not. You just have to type and let Zimpl handle the rest.
  • Multi-delete
    Long pressing on the delete button enables you to delete words and whole sentences.
  • Contemporary dictionaries
    Zimpl’s dictionaries are always up to date with modern language, popular phrases and words.
  • Adaptive dictionaries
    Your personal dictionary is created by analyzing your language and your way of expressing yourself. the more you write with Zimpl, the smarter it becomes.
  • And more...
    Works in all your apps
    Multi-language support on iPhone
    Supports iOS 8.0 and Android 4.0 and later
    Tailored for smartphones but works well on tablets too
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