Updated Versions of Danish and Norwegian

Updated versions of the dictionaries for Danish and Norwegian for Zimpl Keyboard for Android and iPhone/iPad are now available worldwide for download.


Zimpl Keyboard Available Worldwide for Both Android and iOS

Zimpl Keyboard version 4.10 is now available worldwide for both Android and iPhone/iPad on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

This is a major upgrade for the Android version, which now contains the same functionality as the version for iOS; e.g., it is now possible to download additional dictionaries and keyboard layouts, the tutorial is available on the main settings page, and it is possible to undo the last delete operation.

New in this version is that it is possible to zoom in and out in the emoji selector, to see more details in the emoji or more of them at the same time. There are also a couple of new themes added and the old ones have been updated.

So, finally the really simple way of writing has reached the whole Android and iPhone/iPad community.

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Dutch Avilable for iPhone

Today dictionary and keyboard layout for Dutch is made available for download for the iPhone version of Zimpl Keyboard.

This makes a total of 13 languages that Zimpl supports.


Zimpl on App Store Worldwide!

Finally Zimpl keyboard is available worldwide for iPhone on Apple's App Store. The really simple way of writing on a smartphone has now reached the whole iPhone community.

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Zimpl on App Store in Sweden!

Zimpl keyboard is now available for iPhone on Apple's App Store. The really simple way of writing on a smartphone has now reached the iPhone community. This is another major milestone for the product!

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Zimpl Providing BBM Users With a Simpler Way to Write

Zimpl Technologies is very happy to announce a collaboration with BBM™ to bring the Zimpl* keyboard to the BBM Shop on Android smartphones. The BBM Shop is a one-stop shop for BBM users to enhance their chat experience with stickers, wallpapers and now applications and services such as the Zimpl Keyboard.

“Zimpl is all about productivity and communicating with ease; values we believe to share with many BBM users”, says Charlotta Tönsgård, member on the Board of Directors for Zimpl Technologies AB. “Cutting through all the noise on the app market is a big challenge for start-ups like Zimpl as well as for the end-user. A store with carefully curated content, like the one offered by BBM, is a great way to address this problem".

With the Zimpl keyboard, writing becomes a motion. Zimpl’s “Hold’n’Slide” interaction* is a revolutionary simple way to write; designed for writing “word by word” in a fluent motion instead of the conventional way of tapping character by character.

“Zimpl, recently launched in Indonesia and the US, is looking forward to expanding to more countries in the near future”, commented Charlotta Tönsgård.

For more information about what’s going on at BBM, please visit BBM | Inside BlackBerry

* US Patent 8.605.039

BlackBerry and related trademarks, names and logos are the property of BlackBerry Limited.


Zimpl in English in USA

Zimpl is now available, in USA, for purchase on Google Play with support for English!


Zimpl in English and Swedish

Zimpl is now available, in Sweden, for purchase on Google Play with support for both English and Swedish!



Delete words from personal dictionary

The new feature in Zimpl's latest upgrade lets you delete words from your personal dictionary. Long press on the word when it pops up in the prediction bar. This is perfect if you happen to misspell a word for some reason.

Zimpl in Swedish on Google Play

Innovation of the year

Zimpl is nominated as ”innovation of the year” at the annual “mobile Oscars” in Stockholm. Former winners include for example Skype and Spotify.


Zimpl on Google Play in Sweden!

Zimpl is as of today available on Google Play in Sweden. We are really looking forward to seeing Zimpl in the hands of everyday users. It is a major milestone for both the product and the team!

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